Tuning Software

For fine tuning of the reverse kit, V1.3 of the M7R reverse kit includes a USB cable for connection to a Windows PC.  The software can be downloaded here, or at the link at the bottom.
If your sled is switching to reverse fairly reliably, the below procedure may not be necessary, but if you have mods or are running at high elevation, this may improve reliability of the switch from forward to reverse, and vice versa.

Software/hardware setup
1. Download the M7R.rar file and extract it to your drive of choice. -Note - It is crucial that the M7R folder is in the root of whichever drive you choose, ie  C:\M7R, not C:\Program Files\M7R.  Find M7R.exe and run it.
2. Remove the small rubber plug from the M7R reverse module, plug the included USB cable into it, and the other end to PC. -Note: The unit can be installed on the sled, or removed and brought to a computer, but tuning should not be attempted while the sled is running!
3. In the tuning software, press the 'Get COM port' button, and select the appropriate COM port from the drop down menu. (If there are multiple COM ports listed, it will usually be the highest one)
4. You are now ready to select and upload a new tune.



The two adjustable parameters adjust the RPM and timing of the spark that controls the switch-over to reverse (aka the kickback spark).

Once the desired settings are selected, press the upload button to send it to the M7R unit. The status bar at the bottom will indicate a successful (or unsuccessful) upload.
The sled can then be started, and the reverse function can be tested with the new settings.

The default settings are 900 RPM and 32 degrees BTDC timing. RPM should be adjusted first, and if no positive changes are noted, returning to 900 RPM is recommended.
Retarding the timing (ie. going from 32 to 29) should be attempted first, and if it gets worse, then try advancing (ie. 35).

As always, if you have any further questions regarding the software or tuning, please contact me!

Software download