Software Update

Software Update - R6

Download software version R6 (for fuel fix) here -> M7RU.rar  

Software/hardware setup
1. Download the M7RU.rar file above and extract the folder to your drive of choice. -Note - It is crucial that the folder is in the root of whichever drive you choose, ie  C:\, not C:\Program Files\ etc. 

2. Remove the small rubber plug from the M7R reverse module, plug the included USB cable into it, and the other end to PC. After a few seconds you may get a notification in the task bar that your hardware is installed and ready for use. 

Note: The reverse module can be left installed on the sled, or removed and brought to a computer, but upload should not be attempted while the sled is running!

3. Find M7R.exe and run it. Once it has loaded, press the 'Get COM port' button, and select the appropriate COM port from the drop down menu. (If there are multiple COM ports listed, it will usually be the highest one)

4. Click on 'Open File', and navigate to the 'hex' folder (ie. C:\M7R\hex), and select R6_base.hex

5. Press the upload button. A status window should pop up. If the upload is successful, it will say '3130 bytes of flash verified'.

6. Done! The status window and the M7R uploading program can be closed, and the sled may now be started.