What is the M7 reverse kit, and how does it work?

2005-2006 Arctic Cat M7's never came from the factory with reverse- electronic or otherwise.
The M7 reverse kit is an electronic module that piggybacks the stock wiring harness, it intercepts and delays the ignition signal to permit engine operation in reverse. Functionally, it is similar to what is available on snowmobiles with OEM electronic reverse, you simply press a button, and the motor reverses direction.

What else will I need for this kit to work?

You will need a secondary clutch helix with the reverse notches such as a 2009-2011 Arctic cat M8 OEM helix. This is not optional, as the stock helix will try to open as the belt turns in reverse. There are also aftermarket options available, such as the Dalton unit sold here.

The M7 oil pump does not pump oil in reverse.  The best two options are either A) convert to premix and remove oil pump or B) Convert to an 09-11 Arctic cat M8 oil pump(this is untested). The third option is to run the stock M7 oil pump - see below.

Note: While I can not officially endorse running without oil for liability reasons, my own sled has endured hours of testing (not consecutively)on the stock M7 oil pump, with no adverse effects (thus far). The latest reverse kit now has a timer that automatically switches back to forward operation after 60 seconds of running in reverse to prevent oil starvation.  Owners of 2008 M1000's with the electronic reverse mod have apparently had no problems running stock pumps either - as always, proceed at your own risk.

How reliable is it?

Because the system relies on software and therefore a timing algorithm to control ignition (as opposed to a physical reverse ignition sensor like the OEM system) it may occasionally fail to switch from forward to reverse and vice-versa.  I am confident that the ability to finally reverse your sled when necessary will far outweigh the downside of an occasional extra pull-start.

The electronics are 100% waterproof and highly resistant to shock and vibration. In the unlikely event of a failure, the snowmobile will continue to work as if the kit were not installed - preventing you from being stranded deep in the backcountry.


What kind of warranty do I get, or what if I don't like it?

If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with the M7 reverse kit, I am offering a 1-year (from date of purchase) warranty on the kit.

How much is shipping? Do you ship overseas?

Flat rate shipping rate to anywhere in Canada or the USA is $18 CDN (about $15 USD depending on the exchange)

Yes I ship anywhere! Send me an email for a quote to your country.

There is no stock showing on the website, what's the deal?

For the latest update, please visit my facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/M7Reverse/ , or email me flatspeed@gmail.com

What other sleds will the M7 Reverse kit work on?

Tested and working so far:
2005-2007 M6 EFI
2005-2006 Crossfire 600, 700 EFI

The following sleds are similar in design to the M7, but have yet to be tested.

Diamond drive equipped (for compatibility with the reverse helix):
900 EFI
F6, F7 EFI