Installation/operating instructions & troubleshooting:


Contents of M7 Reverse Kit:

M7R Reverse module
Pushbutton switch
2x Mounting nuts
2x Mounting screws
8x Tie wraps for securing harness
Installation/operating instructions & troubleshooting, disclaimer

Tools needed:

5/8" drill bit (a step drill is preferred)
5/32" drill bit
T-20 Torx bit
#1 Phillips screwdriver
7mm or 9/32 wrench or socket
Straight pick
Exhaust spring hook (optional)

1. Open hood, remove exhaust pipe.

2. Locate black ignition sensor connectors on rear right side of engine (mag side), usually bundled beside the main harness. Wire colors are Green/Brown. Separate this connector by lifting the tab on the larger connector with a pick, and pulling apart (do not pull on wires!)

3. Locate yellow coolant temperature sensor connector on the rear right side of engine (mag side), usually bundled beside the main harness. Separate this connector by pushing on the tab of the smaller connector (male) with a pick. The connector can be pushed all the way apart with the pick, you should not need to pull on the connectors at all.

3. Remove heat shield on steering column support.

4. Locate black fuel pump connectors, on the right side of the fuel tank. Wire colors are Red/Black.  Separate the connectors by pushing a pick under the locking tab and pulling apart. (do not pull on wires!)

5. Place M7R module on the RH side of the air box, on the plastic directly above the forward RH shock absorber. The module can be tucked under the edge of the plastic bodywork.

6. Run the wiring harness around the steering box, alongside the main wiring harness, use the torx bit to remove the small screw closest to the muffler(can) retaining pin, and install the ground ring terminal under this screw.

7. Continue to run the wiring harness along the main harness, connecting the ignition sensor connectors, coolant temp sensor and fuel pump connectors.

8. Run the wires for the pushbutton switch along the existing wiring that passes behind the steering shaft.

9. Once you are satisfied with the location of the M7R wiring, use the provided zip ties to secure the harness to the existing harness. Ensure that no rubbing or chafing occurs on any wiring while the handlebars are moved from stop to stop, and when the pull start rope is pulled.

10. Place the M7R module where you would like it, and drill holes through the two visible holes using the 5/32" bit. Use the supplied hardware to mount the module (2 screws & 2 nuts)  – 7mm or 9/32 socket/wrench

11. Before drilling the panel for the pushbutton switch, ensure that the wires will reach the desired switch location. Drill the opening for the switch to 5/8". **CAUTION** Ensure that your drill bit does not damage the fuel tank!

12. Install the pushbutton switch, secure with large nut on backside. Attach the two switch wires to the switch with the #1 Phillips screwdriver, polarity does not matter.

13. Installation of the reverse kit is complete, reinstall heat shield and exhaust pipe.

For helix installation, please refer to the Arctic Cat® Service manual


1. Start engine normally, allow engine to warm up to operating temperature.
2. Push reverse button to select reverse, engine will slow down and restart in reverse.
3. Push button again to select forward, engine will slow down and restart in forward.

If the engine dies during a switch from forward to reverse, wait for 2-5 seconds before restarting the engine, as the M7R module must be fully powered off to reset itself to forward operation. You may hear a faint audible click as the unit powers down.

For versions 1.3 with the fuel fix update, and 1.4, if the sled is having difficulty going into reverse while the engine is hot, use the following procedure:

1. Push and hold the reverse button

2. The engine RPM will start to fall. When the RPM has dropped by approximately 200 RPM let go of the reverse switch, and the engine will complete the reverse procedure as normal.


Do NOT operate engine in reverse at high RPMs and/or for extended periods. The M7 and prior models are not equipped with an injection oil pump that operates in reverse, and therefore the engine will not receive oil while running in reverse. Use at own risk.

Do NOT attempt to pull recoil starter while engine is running in reverse, significant damage and injury will result.


1. Nothing happens when I push the reverse button.

- Disconnect the wires from the switch and touch them together while running, to rule out a faulty switch. Then, check for loose connections or broken switch wires or power wires from the fuel pump connectors.

2. When I push the reverse button, the sled dies and does not restart in the opposite direction.

- Check for low compression on both cylinders, the M7R (and all other) electronic reverse systems require good compression to achieve the kickback necessary to restart in reverse. 120 psi+ on both cylinders is ideal.
- Inspect plugs for fouling, test coils for voltage output. The M7R module will not perform well under weak spark conditions.
- Ensure that belt deflection is set to within specifications. An overly tight belt may cause issues with restarting.

3. The sled isn't starting, and i've confirmed no spark at the plugs.

- Before troubleshooting the sled itself, disconnect the M7R connectors from the ignition sensor, and reconnect the OEM ignition sensor wires. If the sled starts, there is a problem with the M7R wiring or module.

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