About me


My name is Jared. I am an avid outdoor enthusiast and an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer living in Sicamous, BC, Canada. I have been riding my 2006 M7 EFI for years now without reverse, and like you, I was fed up with pulling my sled out of the back of my truck, backwards down hills, turning around on the trail etc. (you probably already know what I'm talking about), and generally being worn out before my day even starts. So I created the M7 reverse kit, aka M7R.

3 years, countless hours, hundreds of code iterations and many prototypes later, I have made something that I feel good about putting on my own sled, and (hopefully) yours.

This is not my full-time job, it is just something I've done on the side. The reason why production is relatively slow, is because I make every unit by hand in my shop, right here in Sicamous. Each and every kit is bench tested for quality assurance before it gets shipped out.  If you have any questions beyond what is in the FAQ, feel free to send me an email, at flatspeed@gmail.com.

You can also post questions to my facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/M7Reverse/

Thank you,

Jared Smith